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Rev. Elizabeth Semenova, MSW MTS

Transcend the Human Condition

“Elizabeth is a fountain of sacred unconditional love. She sees and speaks the gentle truth. She lights the fire and walks through it with you.” -ESM

“Elizabeth is a powerful healer. She helped me to understand that there is healing in the end of life journey. Relationships are changed within ourselves, our loved ones, and the journey we walk together on that road. A road that isn't easy to navigate. Elizabeth has a unique ability to be present and help navigate this time of life in a way that allows the life of death to live within us.” -BW

“Elizabeth is a caring, compassionate healer who has amazed me with her heart-centered perspective.” -DS

Transformational Counselor

Rev. Elizabeth is a transformational counselor specializing in Spirituality, Grief, End of Life Care & Family Dynamics. She works closely with individuals and families to heal the wounds of a lifetime and navigate life’s major transitions through nurturing interpersonal relationships and psychospiritual teachings & practices.

Visionary Consultant

Rev. Elizabeth is a consultant and educator, committed to furthering cultural paradigm shifts in our understanding of the human experience. She works with individuals, families, organizations and institutions to bring awareness and understanding of end of life care, grief journeys, relational dynamics and spirituality.

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