Reverend Elizabeth Semenova, MSW MTS

Elizabeth is a loving counselor who works closely with her clients to heal the wounds of a lifetime and navigate life’s major transitions. She supports her clients through deep, nurturing interpersonal relationships as she guides them in transforming their experience of life. Elizabeth’s unique therapeutic and educational modality that integrates Eastern & Western, modern & ancient, traditional & alternative, clinical & spiritual principles and practices to bring nourishing alignment to each individual’s mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and social experience. 

Elizabeth earned her Bachelor of Arts, cum laude, in ethics and social justice from Georgetown University in Washington, DC. She then completed her Master of Theological Studies from Wesley Theological Seminary, also in Washington, DC., before graduating cum laude from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles with her Master of Social Work. Following her ordination in the ecumenical Universal Life Church Ministry in 2007, Elizabeth has served as a Medical Social Worker and Spiritual Counselor in the fields of spiritual transformation, grief and bereavement counseling, end of life care, family and couples’ counseling, mental health and addiction recovery, multicultural social justice movements, community resource development, and early childhood development and education.

Elizabeth’s greatest passion is to help those in crisis see the light of possibility, empower them to become who they were born to be, and support them in living with the peace, joy and love we all deserve. To that end, she created an original counseling modality: Transformational Transitions Therapy© (TTT©). This process is a unique approach that facilitates transformation in individuals and family systems through six simple steps: Awaken to who you are, Embrace your vulnerability and power, Envision your ideal, Release the limitations to being, Nourish the possibilities and Surrender to the process of becoming. The journey weaves together elements of wisdom traditions and evidence-based models to support you in creating your optimal experience of life, even in the face of life's most uncomfortable transitions.


Transformational Transitions Therapy©

Wisdom Traditions & Evidence-Based Models

Transpersonal ~ Reimagining our identity

Humanistic ~ Embracing our unique human vulnerability

Trauma-Informed ~ Reconciling painful past experiences

Neurolinguistic ~ Restructuring the mind

Jungian ~ Unearthing the subconscious aspects of the psyche

Metaphysical ~ Aligning our lives with our authentic selves

Taoist ~ Harmonizing with the way of nature

Buddhist ~ Mindfully transcending the experience of suffering

Vedantic ~ Understanding unity & releasing the conditioned mind

Contemplative ~ Diving into the realm of mystical possibility

Holistic ~ Aligning the body, mind, heart & soul

Shamanic ~ Understanding natural & ancestral teachings 

Somatic ~ Integrating emotional & physical experiences 

​Existential ~ Facing the ultimate questions of the human condition 

Psychodynamic ~ Mapping the patterns of our thoughts, beliefs & feelings


Dignity Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Person Centered Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Trauma Informed Therapy, Feedback-Informed Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Strengths Based Therapy, Problem Solving Therapy, Exposure Therapy, Creative Arts Therapy, Massage Therapy, Healing Touch, Energy Medicine, Aromatherapy, Sound Healing


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