The principles of love and of service are the foundation of Voyages. Our founder, Elizabeth, is committed to ensuring that financial burden never be an obstacle to people receiving the support they deserve. To that end, she works in solidarity with individuals and organizations across her various fields of expertise throughout the world, offering charitable contributions and services to communities in need.

Elizabeth serves on the board of non-profit organizations, such as Hemlock Society and Aid in Dying Foundation furthering access to End of Life care, options and resources. She is an expert educator for local and national healthcare and advocacy organizations, such as New Hope Grief Support and Say Their Names LA, providing financial support, free services and staff education on the intersection of healthcare and human rights. She serves as a bilingual research consultant for organizations seeking to optimize care for disenfranchised and underserved populations. Recent studies include: Best practices supporting terminal Latinx patients and families at University of San Diego’s Moore’s Cancer Center, adapting evidence-based End of Life Care interventions to new populations at University of Southern California’s Owen Clinic, and exploring the impact of virtual reality in Palliative and End of Life Care with Centric Consulting.

For more information and collaborative inquiries, please contact Voyages with any questions.