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Spiritual Counseling

What does it mean to be a spiritual being having a human experience? Voyages specializes in walking with our clients as they awaken to the fullness of their human experience, embrace the ebb & flow of life on life’s terms, release that which no longer serves them, nourish the seeds of their authentic self, and surrender to a wondrous new way of being. Throughout your transformational  journey, you will deepen your connection with yourself, refine your understanding of your relationship with divinity, experience personal empowerment through embracing your truth, and align your life choices with your foundational values.

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Psychedelic Counseling

Psychedelics offer a window into the nature of our human experience. They are quickly becoming well-known for their healing efficacy in the fields of trauma, mental health, chronic pain and end of life care. Plant medicine facilitates a release of our mental and emotional barriers, allowing deeper awareness of our experience to arise in our consciousness. Ancestral traditions and clinical research both suggest that having a guide in integrating these new and often disorienting perspectives is fundamental to long-term success in outcomes. Voyages works closely with clients and ancestral healing partners to support your transformative Soul Journey. Voyages does not administer, prescribe or otherwise provide any psychedelic or other controlled substance.

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Grief Counseling

Grief is a universal human experience that touches us all in different ways over the course of a lifetime. Because grief is largely misunderstood and ignored, we often find ourselves alone in navigating the emotional tsunamis and their wake with few resources and little understanding or support. This leaves us feeling overwhelmed, confused, frustrated, frightened and isolated. Voyages works closely with clients to nurture them through the pain of loss to the possibility of life.


Relationship Counseling

Human beings are built for connection and community, but it doesn’t always come easily or feel good. Relationships can challenge our perspective of who we are, what we want, and how we live. Sometimes the connection we crave leads to confusing and apparently unresolvable conflict. Voyages works closely with individuals, couples and families to facilitate mutual understanding, empowerment, and alignment through a combination of individual and relational healing.

Upside Down

Mental Health Mentorship

Life with a mental health diagnosis is challenging, and often isolating. Finding someone who understands what you’re dealing with day-to-day makes a huge difference in how you adapt. Clinical psychology and medical treatment can be a valuable support, but they don’t address all of your needs, and their providers aren’t typically available at a moment’s notice. Voyages works closely with clients to ensure they have someone walking with them through the ups and downs that come with diagnosis such as anxiety, depression, bipolar and post-traumatic stress disorder, to facilitate a sense of connection, balance and renewal as you rebuild.

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Addiction Recovery Coaching

Recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders and self-harm habits begins with freedom from the compulsion to engage, but it doesn’t stop there. Early recovery finds many of us in a frustrating transition, dealing with strained relationships, overwhelming compulsions, emotional hangovers and stressful new habits. Finding someone who understands what you’re dealing with day-to-day makes a huge difference in how you adapt. Sometimes treatment or 12 step programs are enough, sometimes they’re not. Voyages works closely with clients to ensure they have someone walking with them through the ups and downs that come with addiction recovery to facilitate a sense of connection, balance and possibility.

Rock Balancing

Palliative Care Counseling

Dealing with chronic pain and life-limiting illness can be devastating and exhausting, even with adequate medical care. Navigating treatment choices, dealing with the impact of intractable pain, and confronting the loss of identity and independence are powerful burdens that many of us bear in our complex health journeys. Voyages specializes in understanding, educating and guiding individuals and families through major health transitions and crises, facilitating a sense of peace and hope through it all.

Holding Hands

End of Life Counseling

The healthcare system rarely offers the support and guidance necessary to avoid the suffering and struggle that many of us have witnessed our loved ones experience in their final phase of life. Voyages specializes in empowering clients and their loved ones through the complexities and nuances of End of Life Care, including Death with Dignity options. Voyages partners with experienced healthcare providers and works closely with clients to optimize their experience by providing nurturing support to clients and loved ones, understanding of the available options and their impact, and guidance in accessing the  resources needed to create the path forward that is most aligned with their needs and values.

Successful Work Team

Organizational Consulting

Building a business from scratch can be exciting and overwhelming! There are so many fields of expertise to master, so many state and federal regulations to meet, and so many variables to balance. Where do you turn for the guidance and support you need to make the difficult choices necessary to create your company’s success? Voyages specializes in supporting organizational leadership and staff create, build and grow your work in healthcare, mental healthcare, healing arts or social justice.

Rates & Packages

Financial burden should never be an obstacle to someone receiving the support they want and need. For that reason, all initial consultations are complimentary, and Voyages operates on a sliding scale for all levels of engagement. The listed fees are standard, and may be reduced to meet your financial capacity. Please schedule your complimentary consultation to address any concerns on this matter or learn more about each offering.

Finding Your Way

Individual Sessions

$350 / session

Embark On Your Journey

Discounted Sessions Package

$3300 / 10 session package

Walking With You

Mentorship | Coaching

$3300 / mo: 4 sessions + support

Soul Journey Package

Soul Journey & Integration

$2100 / 4 sessions + soul journey

End of Life Education

Speaking & Training

$1100 / individual engagement
$2200 / joint engagement w/ MD

Organizational Consulting

Professional Coaching

$3300 / mo: 4 sessions + support


If you are wondering how to get from where you are to where you want to be, reach out to learn more about how Voyages can support you in your Transformational Journey.

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