Starry Night

Grief Counseling

Transforming Your Unique Grief Journey

Grief is a universal human experience that touches us all in different ways over the course of a lifetime. Because grief is largely misunderstood and ignored, we often find ourselves alone in navigating the emotional tsunamis and their wake with few resources and little support. This leaves us feeling overwhelmed, confused, frustrated, frightened and isolated. Voyages works closely with clients to nurture them through the pain of loss to the possibility of life.

In your Transformational Grief Journey, you learn to allow and understand your unique grief journey, embrace the fluctuating waves of thought & emotion, release unresolved pain you carry, nourish your authentic self, and surrender to a beautiful new way of being. Throughout the journey, you will experience a deep inner peace through the healing power of connection and the opportunity to heal the wounds of lifetime, resolve conflicted relationships, and align your life choices with your foundational values.


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