Rev. Elizabeth believes deeply in the principles of love and service. She is deeply committed to ensuring that financial burden never be an obstacle to people receiving the support they deserve. To that end, she offers free counseling, education and advocacy to individuals, families are organizations across her various fields of expertise.


Current Projects

End of Life Education

Rev. Elizabeth offers free education to community organizations and healthcare institutions regarding the nuances of end of life care within and outside the traditional healthcare model, and regarding end of life options and resources. Informed through her work in hospice and in partnership with Dr. Bob Uslander and his medical practice, Integrated MD Care, Rev. Elizabeth has intimately served hundreds of patients and families in their end of life journeys. Through this experience she has become expertly fluent in the emotional, ethical and logistical nuances of the options and obstacles.

Holding Hands

Social Justice & Complex Grief

Rev. Elizabeth has been contributing on an ongoing basis to national and local organizations, Say Their Name and Say Their Names LA, providing complimentary grief and advocacy support to all Say Their Names families and ongoing guidance and education to organizational administrators and interviewers in the nuances of complex grief and its intersection with social justice movements.

Spiritual Growth & Community

Rev. Elizabeth works closely with several international online organizations, mentoring community members in their spiritual and philosophical explorations, and collaborating with aligned providers in a variety of fields to educate and support their clients and local communities.

Water Shrine Landscape
Veterinary Services

Mental Health & Veterinary Medicine

Rev. Elizabeth is working closely with Kindness Committee, LLC as they work to bring mental health care into the underserved healthcare providers of Veterinary Medicine. Elizabeth provides guidance and education regarding interdisciplinary healthcare teams, grief and end of life care & resources, and advocacy in public health paradigm shifts.


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