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"After the very sudden and unexpected death of my younger sister, Elizabeth was an enormous support. She was understanding, comforting and gave me a framework for my grief process. Losing someone is never easy, but with Elizabeth’s support it has been a much richer experience. I am grateful to have met her and highly recommend working with her."

“I cannot believe how Elizabeth walked into our lives. I was so grateful that we had someone to talk to! Even with supportive friends and loving family, there wasn’t the exact person that we needed to talk to, and then that exact person appeared! It’s thrilling to me, and deeply affirms my faith. Elizabeth makes sense of all the experiences in my life that created struggles for me. She has been a major source of all things authentic and healing.”

“Elizabeth is a powerful healer. She helped me to understand that there is healing in the end of life journey. Relationships are changed within ourselves, our loved ones, and the journey we walk together on that road. A road that isn't easy to navigate. Elizabeth has a unique ability to be present and help navigate this time of life in a way that allows the life of death to live within us.”

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“Elizabeth is a master of understanding all sides, and helping us to understand each other. I wish I could have her with me whenever I’m dealing with difficult or triggering conversations. I trust her and her way of seeing me and helping me.”

“Elizabeth is a fountain of sacred, unconditional love. She sees and speaks the gentle truth. She lights the fire and walks through it with you.”

“Elizabeth lights the way for so many. I am less fearful and able to journey through grief differently because of her words and her presence. I am grateful that her remarkable life leaves little prints on mine. She helps me to celebrate my life, my love and my light, always.” 


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